Women with Chronic Pain

This is my story about Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis: two conditions I have come to learn that most GPs struggle explaining, so it took me lots of research and paying attention to my symptoms before I understood the life-long illnesses and how they would affect me,

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Fibromyalgia is more than pain — Brainless Blogger

Time for another post about Fibromaygia for Awareness month. Fibromyalgia is more than widespread pain Primary symptoms Primary symptoms are the areas used to diagnose someone with Fibromyalgia because they happen to a degree in all of us. Chronic widespread pain Yes, there is chronic widespread pain. It is often the symptom people think of. Yes, […]

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The Dance of Acceptance — Untangled

Here I go again; the dance of acceptance. I have a pattern of every so often “forgetting” that I live with PTSD. I’m not sure if it’s mental gymnastics that I perform with gold medal perfection, or that it’s normal when living with a chronic illness to experience fluidity of acceptance. I deal with and […]

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This was a desperate connection that you can NEVER return to. — After Narcissistic Abuse

NEVER forget that this was a desperate connection be it a friendship, a family connection or what we believed was love. We can NEVER return to the chaos, manipulation, betrayal, blame, fear, pain, rejection, etc., EVER AGAIN. From my Book: Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with […]

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