Mom – Narcissistic Abuse

Make your own photo about Mom did you decide not to love or care about me because your mother never cared for you ... on PixTeller

Quote: Every day with Chronic Pain

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Wasted Years

So many years wasted craving my mother s love then finding out she would never love me Narcissistic Abuse Deb McCarthy cherished79 com

Mental Illness Stigma Awareness

DEPRESSION it isn t your choice so why is it your fault Mental Illness Stigma cherished79 com cherished79 com

PTSD Quote ~ Emotional Abuse

Quote: Do you understand Chronic Pain?

PTSD – Only Wishes

Quote – Fighting a battle with chronic pain

Quote – Sometimes the pain is too much

Mental Illness Stigma

You are Forever Beautiful

This is one of my favorite quotes.  Wish we could all tell each other that.

You are all amazing survivors and warriors!

Quote for Sunday

Quote – Narcissistic Mothers


Broken Crayons