5 thoughts on “STIGMA ~ MENTAL ILLNESS”

  1. Hello, I am very interested in reading your voice! I have recently set up my blog required while taking a writer’s course. I also have been writing since my youth, but never until now has any of my pieces been published. It’s scary but needed!

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    1. Fantastic! That’s how I started back in 2007 with this blog. I had all of these writings and articles laying around (that I wanted people to read, yet frankly embarrassed due to the subject of mental illness), but thought, who the heck would want to read my stuff; is it even worthy enough not to put someone in snooze mode! Someone suggested a blog. So I set one up, a humorous one before this which went fairly well and people enjoyed those posts. Depression/mental illness at that time had much more stigma so I was reluctant to write anything about depression and my struggle with it, let alone my depression, so I went anonymous. I was terrified that anyone (colleagues, friends, etc) would find out I had this illness. Well, people liked both my humor, but REALLY liked my blog on mental illness.

      Really, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. Not all of my articles are successful, yet some posting stats have gone through the roof, and mostly I love the comments. Just gather followers, use my followers if you want, go to their people’s blogs and follow them and most likely they will follow you. Have a really special “About You“. Any way I can help, just leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to. Just finding the courage to display your stuff to the public, whether with your own name or anonymous takes a lot of guts. Hugs, Deb Welcome to bloggine

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