This Blog: Is and Not Is

This blog is NOT a……

    • ·         Religious blog
    • ·         Commercial blog
    • ·         “It’s my way or the highway” blog
    • ·         Political blog
    • ·         A blog containing blatant profanity
    • ·         “I’m pretending to be the expert” blog
    • ·         A ‘fly by night’ blog – I’ll be around for as long as you want
    • ·         A blog that will only center around all of MY illness
    • ·         Boring blog

What this blog IS though…..

  • ·         A place to find out the latest news and information on research on mental illnesses, stigma, health issues
  • ·         Articles I have researched
  • ·         Sharing.  You share some personal articles with me about your struggles with an illness – surviving – overcoming obstacles – life’s challenges if you feel comfortable, AND I will share my own with you
  • ·         Perhaps sharing thoughts on society and it’s stigma regarding health and disabilities, especially in regards to mental illness

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