My Other Blog ~ Shared Reality


Introducing my other blog, “Shared Reality”, which includes my articles along with posts on everyday interests, topics, and observations. This is the more humorous side of life.

Although the black clouds of depression hover over at times, I still see humor by observing everyday lifestyle or things that catch my eye; insignificant to some, yet I file away for future articles.

Hope you’ll take a peek, and hopefully it will give you a smile or question why I observe the ‘things’ I observe!

~~~ Deb

3 thoughts on “My Other Blog ~ Shared Reality”

  1. Hey Deb, I am Squatch, and you decided to stalk me, today. I don’t know why, as I never stalked you. That is until now! Look out, as I will be checking out your posts, and adding my two cents worth on occasion. Thanks for that, and I am watching you now, so watch what you are doing, and keep up the great posts too.


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