Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford (Born July 13, 1942), Chicago, Illinois… What many of his fans do not realize is that the future Indiana Jones was far from the tough guy as a child. He was shy and often beaten up by his peers.  Taking a stance of non-violence he refused to fight back, instead keeping the anger inside himself for years.  During college he did not fit in, finding the school too conservative for his tastes.

He began exhibiting typical signs of depression, such sleeping long hours, missing classes and struggling to keep up with his studies.  He later said of his time at college, “The kindest word to describe my performance was Sloth”.  Due to his failing a philosophy class during his senior year, he was expelled from school. Notoriously private about his life, Ford has not personally characterized this period of his life as one of depression, but has confessed to being painfully shy until his junior year of college, when he signed up for a drama class and overcame his fears.

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