How PTSD Impacts Our Lives

Been there, done that.

I’m unsure of the author of the above infographic, but I thought it showed a few examples of some regrettable symptoms of C-PTSD.

For me, to this day I experience triggers and flashbacks!  Recalling my childhood, should I spot a man who has dirty fingernails it will literally send me back fifty years with horrid memories. My abuser/neighbor used to work underneath the hood of his old car daily and always had dirty hands and filthy, greasy black fingernails.  It makes me want to vomit recalling him placing his hands on me.

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I am a Mental Health Advocate for mental illness Stigma. In 2007, I created the "Living in Stigma" blog, with the purpose and anticipation of educating people about mental illness. Depression is part of this illness, which intertwines with those struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, and other invisible illnesses. I am a chronic migraine sufferer myself, and a sexual and emotional abuse survivor. My passions are writing, poetry, and art. All abuse Survivors are also Warriors.

5 thoughts on “How PTSD Impacts Our Lives”

  1. I’m in the early stages of my PTSD ‘diagnosis’ for entirely different reasons but that bit about boredom and if you stop the darkness is there really got me! Hence why I’m blogging now, something to do! Sending lots of love your way! X

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  2. I’m curious about C-PTSD. I don’t think I have it, as I don’t think my symptoms or the abuse I suffered was bad enough for it to be C-PTSD–but then, I guess a lot of CPTSD sufferers say that? For instance, I don’t think I’ve ever had a flashback? I’ve had bad memories, but in what I would think of as a “normal” way? How did you work out that you had C-PTSD, if you don’t mind my asking? Do you have any resources to help me figure out for sure whether this might be something I have or not?

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. From what I have read and in my particular situation with extensive therapy, it was determined that my abuse was CPTSD as the abuse was both sexual and emotional. The emotional side was caused by my narcissistic mother’s continuous abuse which was extreme trauma and took place for a prolonged period of time (most of my life) which determined the complex side of PTSD. Both women or men with CPTSD/PTSD can or may experience nightmares, intense memories or sudden flashbacks. Hope this helps. has a great resource for mental health info and a blog for PTSD. .
      There is a slew of wonderful articles on CPTSD. Let me know if it’s an easy read. Warmly, Deb


      1. Thank you for your response! Since writing to you, I started reading Pete Walker’s “from surviving to thriving” and, despite the fact that i am surprised that the emotional abuse and neglect i suffered in childhood would have been enough to cause this, i’m pretty sure i DO have c-ptsd. my therapist will be giving me an eval for it next week. Thank you for being a resource!


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