Could Vitamin D help ease your Chronic Pain?

Vitamin D Deficiency & Chronic Pain

Pain from Vitamin D Deficiency? Yep, it's a real thing and a serious problem. www.easy-immune-h...

It was mentioned by my family doctor that taking Vitamin D can help with brittle bones and may ease chronic pain.

Here is a link to Medicine which includes comments by people who have taken Vitamin D for various issues, including pain.  Sounds positive and I will give it a try myself.

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I am a Mental Health Advocate for mental illness Stigma. In 2007, I created the "Living in Stigma" blog, with the purpose and anticipation of educating people about mental illness. Depression is part of this illness, which intertwines with those struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, and other invisible illnesses. I am a chronic migraine sufferer myself, and a sexual and emotional abuse survivor. My passions are writing, poetry, and art. All abuse Survivors are also Warriors.

13 thoughts on “Could Vitamin D help ease your Chronic Pain?”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I have been deficient in Vitamin D since my first treatment for cancer and it remains low… although I am taking 50,000 units per week. If I miss one dose… it drops severely… I’m glad that you have brought this into the light. Thank you again.

    I’ve enjoyed wandering through your words this morning. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so and for the generous sharing of yourself with us…


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my articles. As for the Vitamin D, I didn’t realize its function of effect on the body. I appreciate you sharing your experience with Vitamin D and cancer, that’s an invisible illness that is tough to struggle with. 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing this. My doctor has me taking a higher dose of Vitamin D thinking it might help my pain. I have dealing with MS for 16 years now. I just started following your blog and just started my own about a month ago. I am really excited to read more of the great information you share! Take care!!!

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    1. I apologize for the late reply to your comment. I’ve been researching about MS, which is a horrible invisible illness, however, didn’t realize that Vitamin D would have an effect on pain relief for your illness. Thanks for sharing and your kind words mean so much. I’ll be sure and take a look at your blog. 🙂


      1. I take Vitamin D daily for 2 reasons. One was my blood count was low and the other is because it is supposed to be helpful with pain. Yeah, MS is a terrible disease but I always say it could be worse! It is just important to stay strong and positive!

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        1. There is nothing else you can do. People say to me “I don’t know how you live with those migraines”, but what are you supposed to say “I give up?” I have been asked if my pain ‘is that bad’, and that’s when I become pissed off! How do you explain chronic pain in words?


          1. I don’t think you can really explain migraines or chronic pain to people. They will never really understand until they experience it themselves. People like to judge and not be at all compassionate, which is horrible, but that is their problem. I gave up trying to explain things to people. All it ends up doing is making me really irritated!!

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  3. Very important post! I was diagnosed with Chronic Vit D deficiency last year and given a super strength treatment for it, which reminds me I need to get my levels checked again by now (you have to keep on top of these things because the doctors don’t..!) They found my levels were almost non-existent, and although I didn’t notice huge benefits, I did notice one or two things that improved and I think that over time healthy levels can make a big difference so it’s important not to underestimate it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Hey! Vitamin D is linked to so many things! I would love a chat with you and give you more information about how adding a quality vitamin D can help you!


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