11 Pressure Points for Headache Relief

This short video is helpful for people who are unaware of pressure points for the possible relief of headaches or migraines.  In my case with chronic migraines, every pressure point shown in the video is usually so horribly tender and painful to touch.


4 thoughts on “11 Pressure Points for Headache Relief

  1. CrazyandSane says:

    Thanks Deb. Strangely, I push these exact points all the time. Particularly the 3rd eye. I find it so odd that the pressure on the 3rd eye, is a teeny bit relieving. There must be some kind of connection with our spiritual self and our migraines. I’m actually researching that now. I’m so sure of it….it also goes with mental illness. We are different in so many ways, other than the illness.. and headaches and body pain forms a huge part of who we are. I’ll share what I find if you like 🙂

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