Is it all because of Genitals?

Ok, so here’s the story:

A women-only spa in Toronto, Ontario, Canada took some massive criticism and triggered a social-media outcry last week, that prohibits some transgender women from using their facilities.

On Facebook, a woman stated that she refused to revisit the spa on account that they canceled her friend’s (who is transgender) appointment due to their spa’s policy which states “no male genitals” rule.

The spa explained, “because we are a bathing-suit-optional environment, our current policy is to ensure all clients are comfortable in an environment with nudity, including minors.”

The backlash was extreme from the public, transgender and LGBTQ communities. However, the spa further clarified that it’s a ‘single-sex facility with full nudity, and unlike other facilities.’  They stated they supported these communities, but the spa has policies to adhere to.

Angry comments were written in newspapers and online with many spa members threatening to discontinue their memberships, although others were on the side of the spa.

My opinion:

I am on the side of the Spa.

I also support the transgender and LGBTQ community.

If I was a member of that spa and they allowed a transgender woman to use their facilities, I would feel extremely tense and uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t tolerate a person, who is biologically (a male), to dress/undress along with me in the change room, be seated alongside me in the hot tub, swim in the pool or saunter around the facility.  Period.  I recognize that they are transgendering to a woman, but they still have genitals.

I would have joined this spa in the first place based on its policies, therefore, if these policies changed, which I don’t think is fair, I would join another spa.  I don’t believe I would have strolled around in the buff. However, it doesn’t bother me to see or be in the company of other women.

This would definitely have an effect on my abuse and trauma issues, so why would I want to attend a facility I go to relax to be triggered for PTSD?

Why don’t they have their own transgender spa?

I know I’m going to get crapped on for this post!!.

What is your opinion on this?

See entire news article @ Toronto






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I am a Mental Health Advocate for mental illness Stigma. In 2007, I created the "Living in Stigma" blog, with the purpose and anticipation of educating people about mental illness. Depression is part of this illness, which intertwines with those struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, and other invisible illnesses. I am a chronic migraine sufferer myself, and a sexual and emotional abuse survivor. My passions are writing, poetry, and art. All abuse Survivors are also Warriors.

15 thoughts on “Is it all because of Genitals?”

  1. The fact that this spa is a women’s spa that welcomes women of all ages to be comfortable in the buff is what is most important here: a young female, a minor, may enjoy the spa with her mamma! What right does a not fully changed transgender have to be in the same space, nude or not, as a young woman who is not of age? As a teenager I went to the spa for myself as often as I could. I remember having a spa day with my mamma at a women’s only spa and I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have a penis in view. I would have been traumatized!

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    1. The spa isn’t turning away all transgendered, just those that aren’t fully transitioned yet.

      Where children may be impacted, we need to see the issue from the position of caring for the safety of them, above and beyond the rights of adults.

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    2. That’s so true. Before people run to judgement, they should think of the all-around consequences that could take place. How would it affect a child, a woman who’s been traumatized and perhaps struggling with PTSD, joined because they feel comfortable only in the surroundings of women when she undresses or wears a bathing suit or nude. Thanks for your opinion. 🙂

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  2. Not sure why we have to have such rigid ‘male’ or ‘female’ roles to begin with. Why can’t you just be a person? Why do you have to be a female if you cry at sappy films and a male if you get off on violent action? Why do I, as a woman, have to be told ‘what a woman is or is not’ by ANYONE – including a transitioning person who, by MY reckoning, is more stuck in rigid gender roles than anyone else?

    Am I the only person on this planet that doesn’t get it? I don’t CARE what you feel like – why do you have to label yourself as this or that? WHY do you have to wear make-up and high heels as a woman? That’s not being a woman. And sorry, men – you just don’t get it. You can’t. You haven’t lived with it like we have. It’s like asking a white person to understand race problems from a black person perspective – it’s bleeding impossible. You can try, but without living under that constant constraint you won’t ever really understand.


  3. Gender is about a lot more than genitals. We are born male or female. No hormones or surgery can change that. Therefore, I don’t think a tranny should use women’s space, penis or not. After surgery, he’s still a man, albeit a mutilated one. This is an insidious way to deprive women of our own space.

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  4. Perhaps a women’s changing room, a men’s changing room, and a neutral changing room? Problems with integrating the LGBTQ community safely and comfortably are often more challenging and complicated than people like to admit (I, like you, support LGBTQ). Thank you for sharing xoxox


  5. I think I’d maybe feel more comfortable with a women’s changing room, a men’s changing room, and a neutral changing room? I too support LGBTQ, so I’d love to find an answer for this problem. Thanks for sharing your opinion; these problems are more complicated than many people seem to believe xoxox

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    1. It’s not just the changing rooms that are causing problems but allowing this person into all areas of the spa due to his gender. It wouldn’t suit me at all, and I can’t imagine the hoopla when the receptionist had to turn the client away due to their policy. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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  6. I not big on getting into a big debate on this issue, but I agree with the above comment, where if you are born a male, and transistioning to women parts, I still would feel uncomfortable and not at ease dressing in the same change room..

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