13 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Mother

  1. Deborah@TradeRoutz

    I wish there was a ‘hate’ button, to show ones disgust at how some get treated. Or perhaps a button that shows empathy….It’s so strange to hit ‘like’, when nothing about this scenario is likeable! I’m with you on this. x x x


  2. ((Hugs)) I grew up with a Narcissistic Mother who mentally, emotionally and verbally abused me 😦 It has impacted every part of my life. I ran away from home at 18 to get away from her. I feel like I will never be good enough. Like I don’t matter. I recently cut off all contact with my Mom because I could NOT handle her abuse any longer. I am grieving a person who isn’t dead and also grieving the Mom I have wished for for my entire life. A person she cannot and will never be 😦 It is incredibly hard because Narcissist are nice as pie in public but mean as the devil in private 😦 No one believes you but everyone believes her lies she tell about you. If you ever want to chat contact me through my blog ❤ I am very sorry you had to suffer through the trauma of a Narcissist too 😦 I feel it is especially hard when it’s your Mom 😦


    1. I’m sorry you had to experience this during your life, and your mother sounds much like mine. You are dead on when you stated that the abuse has impacted every part of your life. It’s still continues to impact mine, and even though I was sexually and emotionally abused, the emotional abuse continues to keep me in therapy. I went NO CONTACT with my mother about 3 years ago, and that was the best decision I’ve made and should have done it years ago. I used to hate when friends would meet my mother and afterwards say, “Deb, you are so lucky to have a mom like you do, wish my mother was like that”. If only they knew the hell behind closed doors while living as an unloved daughter of a narcissistic mother. Hugs to you for surviving, you are a true Warrior!


      1. ((Hugs)) I am Incredibly Sorry for your pain Darling ❤ Many people think my Mom is “nice” 😦 But she is not nice at all. Her abuse impacts my everyday life still as well and I hate it. I am a Mother now and I swore to myself to not do anything my Mother ever said or did. I don’t yell at my kids because all my Mom did was yell at me most of the time for no reason at all 😦 Looking back now that is what I did I spent my childhood trying to survive. I have never known what it felt like to be unconditionally loved, cared for, supported and nurtured in anyway. My feeling & thoughts never mattered. When something was wrong with me she blew it off as me trying to hurt her 😦
        Trust me when I say I know your pain and I am extremely sorry you never got the true love & care you deserved. Thank you for your uplifting words ❤ Thank You for sharing your story on your blog. I have always felt very alone having to deal with the Narcissistic Mother abuse & the trauma. It is not something you can put into words for people to understand. Although I wish you NEVER would of had to experience it either 😦
        I just found this website and found it very informative.
        Here is my post about my Narcissistic Mother.
        I hope it doesn’t upset you to post a link from my blog ❤
        Thinking of You ❤ Sending you Love, Peace & Strength ❤


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