What do you do when someone is talking of suicide?

Thanks for posting this, you could be helping many people with your words of wisdom. I’m proud of you for surviving the hell of mental illness and reaching out for help. Stay strong.


The last couple of months I have been going through a lot of things. The depression is getting worse and the thoughts of ending my life has been running through my head. Serious thoughts. What did I do? I reached out crying to both of my parents. My dad listens; my mom just stares at me. I tried talking to her today and all she said was that she knows I am going through something and then walked away.

I would never do that to someone. The simple fact that one of my diagnosis’ is Sjrogren syndrome and that means it is hard to produce tears. I rarely can actually cry. The fact I have been crying is a sign that something is wrong and yet, my family just walks away.

I made a promise that I would never end my life. I don’t want my family and friends go…

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7 thoughts on “What do you do when someone is talking of suicide?

  1. Fibronacci says:

    Sometimes, when I got sick, my mother would just seem angry that I was sick and kept saying there’s nothing wrong, like I was making things up. Now I realize that she was not angry at me, she was frustrated that her child was sick and that there is so little that was in her control. And so she kept saying “you’ll be fine, there’s nothing wrong” partly to keep herself from devolving into a state of panic, and partly to just keep the morale up in the room. It was her way of coping with the situation and staying strong so she could think of practical solutions. Do I still wish that she managed to do that in a way that also validated my situation and felt like she empathized with me? Absolutely! But being able to see her point of view has allowed me to let go of a lot of the resentment and anger.


  2. amybelle1 says:

    Just from reading this post I can tell that you are a very strong person. Anyone else who would have seen their mother react like that what have used it as an excuse to commit suicide. I am sure that your mother loves you but some people struggle to understand and cope. It can come as shock when someone you love says these things. Stay strong and keep up the good work, Love Amy x

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