My tryst with Corticosteroids

This post describes another painful invisible illness and includes the medication to treat the disease and the negative side effects.

What is in my Brain?

Neurocysticercosis and its Treatment: Pardon me, if you find this post somewhat boring. I will try my best not to bombard it with a whole lot of medical terms. Trust me that even I don’t understand these terms any better than you.

To begin with, Neurocysticercosis (the medical condition that I am suffering from) causes a lesion in the brain with perilesional edema. Edema is the medical term used for swelling. As a part of treatment, the patient needs to take anti-seizures medicines such as Levipil regularly. I will put more stress on the word REGULARLY, because skipping it can be life threatening (that is what my neurologist has told me).  Alongside, the patient is asked to repeat MRIs every few months to keep the swelling in check. If some swelling is noticed,  the patient is put on oral steroids (corticosteroids) for a certain period of time.

My first…

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