It’s not just a ‘headache’ ~ It’s ‘CHRONIC MIGRAINE’

These chronic migraines are not “pop 2 aspirin and call me in the morning” headaches……

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Chronic Migraines

That’s me, that’s what I suffer with.   Winter has been unkind to me, especially January through March, where very few days did I escape not having a migraine headache.   The pulsating, throbbing head and face agony had me bedridden most days, and other times unable to wear my glasses due to tenderness over the bridge of my nose.

Since thoughts of jumping over the balcony crossed my mind to end this crap and a trip to the emergency isn’t an option anymore (wait times approx. 10-14 hrs. and their refusal to use narcotics), I had to ‘suck it up’.

My neurologist suggested Botox treatments, but I’m unsure of this method for chronic migraines, and the research I’ve done has shown some people were worse off with the treatment due to constant stiff necks and even more pain + medications.  I am considering chiropractic or acupuncture methods, but for this past week, I’m experimenting with a natural herbal medication which has shown good progress so far.  Fingers crossed!

This wonderful link provides a more in-depth look at migraines @

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24 thoughts on “It’s not just a ‘headache’ ~ It’s ‘CHRONIC MIGRAINE’

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    1. It’s interesting that you would comment at this time as I just started going to a chiropractor last week. I’ve tried everything and I want to avoid meds because they aren’t working. I went for x-rays and results were so surprising showing the bones in my neck are out of line and my spine looks a bit crooked. I’ve gone for 2 adj. so far, and chiro wants me to have 5 wks of 3 adj. per week. This week has been horrible for migraines, pain mostly in my face. I’ve had these since I was a teen so I’m not expecting miracles, but some relief of daily migraines. Thanks for commenting.


  2. The early months of the year are always the worst for me too. I have a friend (who also has bipolar, ironically) who got the “daith” ear piercing in January and hasn’t had a migraine since. I know it’s not the fashion choice for everyone, but I’m about ready to try anything at this point.

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  3. I know your pain and frustration all too well. I’m sorry you have to go through the torture of migraines. I have had Botox and did not get any relief and actually believe that it started my RA (although my dr’s disagree). I now have a primary care doc that will give me injections of pain meds when they are really bad and I also take a medication called Fioricet that helps with the less intense migraines. Have you been able to link yours to any food triggers? (And I apologize ahead of time if you have already been there, tried that. I know it’s also frustrating when people jump in trying to tell you to try something. I’m truly coming from a place of understanding and wish there was a magic trick to making them stop).

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    1. Thanks for your caring words and a ‘sister’ to a fellow migraineur. I’m really unsure if it’s the weather getting warmer or not (my migraines are weather related) or this new herbal med. I’ve never believed in herbal ‘stuff’, some people have had good results, and I am so tired of taking over the counter pills that don’t work anyways. So I’m trying “Bell – Migraid Headache Relief’. It hasn’t been a cure, I just don’t get them as often, but it’s only been a week. As for Fioricet, I live in Canada and looked up this med and can only buy it via an online U.S. pharmacy. Why I don’t know. I wouldn’t buy pills online. Perhaps Canada is a little slow getting this medication on its shelves. Thanks for the tip though. 🙂

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      1. Check to see if they carry Midrin… it’s kind of the same type of medication. It’s also possible that a compounding pharmacy could make it for you, even if just a few to try and see if they help. I’m glad the herbal supplement has given you a bit of relief. Mine have been worse lately too and I’ve been wondering if it’s weather related. It’s so frustrating and hard to stay positive when migraines are so unpredictable and take away too many days. Hoping you get more relief ❤

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        1. I looked this med up, same thing and said it was not approved in Canada. So much for the herbal, got a super duper one last night. Don’t know about you, but when the pain goes into my face, that’s probably the worst for me. Can’t wear my glasses, sight impaired and how do you place the friggin ice pack? 😦 How are you feeling?

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          1. Or when you move and the blood pulsating through your head feel like your head is going to explode. I just love that part. I’m sorry you got another one. I’m still holding out hope for the herbal stuff for you. I’m okay so far! Mother’s day may put me over the edge but I’m going to try to stay in my happy place 🙂

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  4. I, literally, feel your pain. I have had migraines for years, but then began to have them daily & continued to have to work even with the horrendous pain. I’ve never done Botox shots, though. We finally, mostly got them under control & now I take meds now to prevent them. What have you tried thus far?


    1. I’ve been taking Topiramate for a few years and found that has helped, then last summer they really started to become worse so neuro added med called Candesartan but that wasn’t much help, and just started Verapamil this month. These are the pits, and kudos to you for going to work with these suckers, no one really understands the incredible pain. I used to get 5 days holiday for the year, and would use them all up the first 5 working days in January!
      Relpax for relief from these doozers has been my savior (really expensive though $200 for 12 tabs), but worth it.

      Thanks for commenting. Deb


        1. Maybe they wonder that migraines are just headaches and “just live with it and it will eventually go away”, well if it did that after 5+ days, I wouldn’t have gone to the ER!


          1. Oh, and I also tend to not go to the doctor unless I am on death’s door because I’ve had some pretty rotten experiences with doctors. It takes a lot of working up of courage to even go to any medical facility. =(


            1. Yes, the only way for me is the Emergency route, but the wait times are way too long and it isn’t worth sitting there in horrible pain in a crowded waiting room. Also, I’m always unlucky enough to get someone who wants to chat sitting beside me. These people never get the message that you don’t want to talk when you don’t comment, but keep on talking about their life!


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