Why do we blog?

What a lovely post. Blogging gives me a purpose every day, and writing is so cathartic.


Are we addicted to the keystrokes? Do we live for the fame? Do we just want someone to hear our voice?

stanley-dai-242205 Phone. Coffee. Glasses. Ruler. Ready Set Blog!

Everyday thousands of blogpost get published to the world wide web. Many of the post, like this one are just a blip on the radar. So why do we do it?

We are human in need of self-expression. You ever have something happen to you where you just couldn’t wait to tell your family and friends? Blogs allow us to freely express our innermost thoughts and ideas with the world.  A safe place to truly reveal a sense of self without fear. An outlet for all our stories, thoughts and emotions. The act of self-expression empowers us to live freely and fully.

Blogging can be seen as a form of reflection. A time and space where one can unwind, and revisit experiences…

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