Where is my back pain coming from?

What's causing your back pain? Learn about the many lower, middle, & upper back conditions that can occur to your spine & cause you discomfort.  | BraceAbility:

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I am a Mental Health Advocate for mental illness Stigma. In 2007, I created the "Living in Stigma" blog, with the purpose and anticipation of educating people about mental illness. Depression is part of this illness, which intertwines with those struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, and other invisible illnesses. I am a chronic migraine sufferer myself, and a sexual and emotional abuse survivor. My passions are writing, poetry, and art. All abuse Survivors are also Warriors.

9 thoughts on “Where is my back pain coming from?”

  1. Also had a herniated disc. The pain was unbearable. Tried to do pain management but after 5 months there was nothing left to do but have surgery. Just completed recovery from L5 lumbar surgery. No pain feels like a whole new life! The things I took for granted…. How different life is now 🙂

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  2. You have shown a picture of the skeleton and named the different bones. We have to guess the pain emanates from somewhere.


    1. This is just an easy read from an infographic that shows the spine and possible spine pain coming from those areas. Infographics are not meant to explain in detail (some do). For further info you would have to research further. 🙂

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    1. Oh no! I had a herniated disc a few years ago and the pain was excruciating. It took months to finally get a diagnosis and surgery was needed, but after surgery, I’ve never had any problems since. Thanks for reblogging. 🙂

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