Migraine World Summit 2017

I would love nothing more than to attend this summit, but when your income depends on disability payments,  money is extremely tight.  It’s iffy to travel to the U.S. these days also.

Calling all migraineurs! Do you feel like you have exhausted all treatment options and you don’t know where to turn to next? That you want answers to the questions that plague you daily that your doctor cannot give you or do you simply need help in explaining your condition to loved ones and how best […]

via Do Not Miss The Migraine World Summit 2017! — Hope Vs Headaches

2 thoughts on “Migraine World Summit 2017

  1. nathaswami says:

    The Siddhars of India (ascetics who propagated herbal medicines in India some hundreds of years ago) have suggested a medicine for migraine. Boil two table spoons of sesame oil along with two red chillies. After the oil is cooled, discard the chillies and apply the oil on your head. Massage the head with your hand. Allow the oil to remain there for an hour. The longer the time it soaks the hair on the head, the better. Then have your bath. Apply soapnut powder or shampoo to remove the oil. It is better if you have the bath in a water-falls. In that case the oil is removed by the force of water itself. No other application is necessary to remove the excess oil. Have this treatment every week. You can get relief from migraine.My father followed this practice until his death. In Tamlnadu, (the southern state of India), it is called oil bath. It is a pity that the Tamils themselves have given up this practice on the advice of practitioners of western medicine. Caution : Oil bath is not advised in cold climate because it cools the body.


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