Lupus: Help, I’m losing my Hair ~ Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Many of these tips apply to everyone taking medications

Hair loss is a huge concern to many lupus sufferers, at times very slight and unnoticeable or unfortunately for some, it can be quite severe causing significant anguish.

The list of tips below may help you prevent lupus hair loss:

Is it Lupus or my Medication?

Determine the reason for your hair loss. Could it be lupus or perhaps your hair loss may be caused due to the medication you’re taking? If it’s medication-related, please consult with your doctor about possibly changing medications.

Follow Your Medication Instructions

Always take your medication as instructed including the right time of day. Don’t skip your medication for any reason, and phone your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions.  This is extremely important.

Start your Lupus Treatment As Soon As Possible

Lupus treatment should begin immediately preventing you less anguish from hair loss.  Consult with your doctor and insist on getting a diagnosis as quickly as possible if you show any signs of lupus.

Always Be Aware of the Medication Prescribed

Being aware of the prescription medication you take is extremely important and inquire about side effects such as hair loss.  Speak with your doctor about alternatives.  Due diligence is required for all medication side effects.

Be Aware of Rashes or Scaliness and Avoid Sun Exposure

Rashes or scaliness on the skin may also occur on your scalp and could be causing hair loss. Consult with your doctor if you notice any of these.

Photosensitivity caused by sun exposure in lupus patients may lead to rashes on the scalp which can contribute to hair loss.

Keep Stress Levels Low & Get Plenty of Rest

Avoid stress as much as possible as this could lead to hair loss for lupus sufferers.  Insomnia and fatigue can also be a factor for hair loss, so quality and quantity are most important.  Don’t over exert yourself.  Rest as much as you are able to.

Check Your Lighting

Halogen and fluorescent lights may also cause photosensitivity contributing to hair loss. Consider changing them at home, and if it’s a possibility at your workplace.

Written and copyrighted by Deb McCarthy 2017

Source for information:  Lupus News Today


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