Spoon theory and My Migraine Life

My Migraine Life

my spoons picture by @mymigrainelife

Have you heard of the spoon theory?  The spoon theory was written by Christine Miserandino (www.butyoudontlooksick.com)  It started with a conversation she had with a friend about being chronically ill.  It applies to so many different types of people and has become common verbiage as us “spoonies” go through life.  The conversation was how “normal” people get an endless number of spoons or an abundance of them each day.  As a spoonie, we are only given a few.

So each day, each person has their set number of spoons.  Each event in life requires spoons.  Getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom, going to the bathroom, washing hands, brushing teeth, putting on deodorant, putting on makeup and so on.  Imagine, this is only the first 5 minutes of a day and some spoonies may already have used up their supply.

A spoonie is given…

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4 thoughts on “Spoon theory and My Migraine Life

  1. Rebecca says:

    Not sure where this belongs on the site. Migraines. Suffered for many years. One month I was taking my med, Frova every third day. I notified my prayer group who notified their prayer groups. I ended up in the hospital twice. ER Doctor found high blood pressure. Now I have not had high blood pressure for years with migraines. I think the Great Physician made good from bad. Now migraines, and regular headaches! Are gone! Every few months I get a twinge and I claim healing in the name of Jesus. A couple of migraines. One frova and gone. I’ll never need more again. And BP under control. I believe in healing. But, if you have headaches, and migraines get your blood pressure checked regularly. I wish for you all to be pain free.


    • cherished79 says:

      My BP is fine, but I believe this all comes down to genetics. I’m sure there are triggers with weather changes, food, alcohol etc, but having my grandmother and father suffer from headaches, I suppose I was doomed to have migraines. Thanks for commenting and sharing that tip. 🙂


      • Rebecca says:

        Interesting, my brother, sister, dad, and unsure about others. All had migraines for a period of time. Debilitating for us all. I’m the youngest. I had/have more of a chance with meds where they suffered much worse. They don’t get migraines. anymore. There is hope in that as well. Maybe you can grow out of them? There is a lovely thought. There is soooo much unknown about the brain. And so we go, day to day growing stronger for the trials. Blessings

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