Words Can Hurt ~ Think before you speak

Lady with the Migraines

My mother is a narcissist.  Heartless words that spewed out of my mother’s mouth growing up remain with me to this day.  My mother’s own advice was “think before you speak”, yet somehow she never captured this wisdom and applied it to herself.  I believe my mom doesn’t regret any of her cruel words.

As for me, I’ve said some nasty words to people over the years that were hurtful, must have stung and I feel regretful, however, I’m wondering if it stems from my childhood?

The article below is from PsychCentral Embracing Balance, (written by Nicole Lyons):

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt Me.” is a little ditty that I have not and will not sing or say to my children — not ever. I understand the context of this children’s rhyme and the effect that it is supposed to have, throwing it out…

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4 thoughts on “Words Can Hurt ~ Think before you speak

  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

    Thanks, and I also cut contact with everyone in my family that caused any triggers. Feel SO much lighter now and able to deal with my mental illness. I say ‘stay away from toxic people’! I’m sorry you suffer too, but at least we are strong enough to deal with the aftermath from the nightmares we experienced. x x


    • cherished79 says:

      No contact is the only way. Toxic people never change so you will never be able to please them and your life will always be filled with pain. I found therapy helpful in realizing that my mother is narcissistic and it wasn’t me at fault.


  2. TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

    Most mental illness is caused by narcissistic, or mentally ill Parents. Growing up with them causes your brain to ‘rewire’ itself to cope with the trauma. I know, got the same problem. But, now that my Mother is no longer here, I learned to let it go, but the illness remains. So I agree with you, that stupid nursery rhyme is total RUBBISH!! Words cut deeper than the Sword. Hope you feel better soon x x


    • cherished79 says:

      Thanks, and I’m still coping to this very day. Have had lots of therapy, but then triggers come about and ‘she’s’ there again. I’m so happy I have NO CONTACT now, the only way to go. Sorry you’ve gone through the same hell. Stay strong. 🙂

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