Essential Oils for Headaches

Lady with the Migraines

The most common headache treatment is a painkiller, but these pills come with a host of ugly side effects, like kidney and liver damage; plus they don’t deal with the root of the problem.    The Top 4 Essential Oils for Headaches - Dr. Axe:

*I use peppermint oil for migraines and it helps at times, and purchasing a diffuser is also effective (plus your house smells like Christmas!)  Also, I purchased a separate peppermint oil in a roll-on form using it on the back of my neck (can be useful on the forehead by hairline).  This didn’t help at all with my severe migraines.

I found that some grocery stores sell essential oils in their pharmacy product section and are much less expensive than stores set up that sell only oils.  Also, on the internet, there are big savings also.  I purchased the diffusers via Costco.

*To note also, my husband has asthma and finds the eucalyptus oil beneficial in a diffuser.

Have any of these oils benefited you?

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7 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Headaches

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    We use essential oils a lot in my household. For headaches we would dip a cotton ball in teatree oil and put it in our ears, worked well for me.


  2. TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

    I suffer terribly with migraines, and the ONLY thing that actually stops them, is Botox! I go every 3 months and the neurologist injects botox into my temple are, back of neck shoulders and more, and that stops them completely. It’s not cosmetic botox, they don’t botox your face, just the places where muscles need to be slightly put ‘on hold’ to stop the migraines. It’s brilliant, and after trying everything, including acupuncture, physio, oils, massage, and then migraine meds so strong they needed a prescription, I found the fix with Botox. I say go for it, it stops the buggers!


      • TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

        I suppose it has different effects on different people. I’ve found that I only benefit from it. I usually, without botox, suffer daily with migraines, and can’t function, so if there comes a slight problem, I will still go for it, because the alternative is too heavy to bare.


        • cherished79 says:

          I bought a diffuser in Dec/16 and am experimenting with different oils. I liked the peppermint for a while but I started to feel it was triggering a migraine, so trying Lemon Eucalyptus, beautiful fragrance, soothing and calms you down. Doesn’t really have an effect on migraines, and my house smells nice! 🙂


          • TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

            LOL, at least your house smells nice! But seriously, strong scents, even if essential oils, can really set a migraine off. I just stay with botox and maxalt on the side in case of an attack when I’m truly stressed. It has worked so far,so I’m in denial about side effects 🙂

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