8 thoughts on “Quote: Well Said

    • bpdtransformation says:

      This is a nice-sounding, sympathetic quote, but if read carefully it is not really true. Lonely people are not in contact with others very much, and there is no reason they are unusually kind. The most damaged people may not be wise at all; in fact they will have often had less positive life experience which is necessary for wisdom. People who are very sad often do not smile at all. And some, not all, ill people are bitter andwish to drag others down and see them suffer as well.
      This is rather pessimistic of me, even though I am an optimist 🙂 I say it as a warning against viewing emotional illness as health or something to be proud of having. What we should be proud of is recovering from mental illness and being truly fulfilled and happy, which anyone can be given enough hard work and time.


      • cherished79 says:

        You bring up some good points, yet taking it from me, personally and what I’ve experienced and seen through my days and months spent in hospitals and such, most people (other patients) that I have come in contact with, who were struggling react with the same ‘smile’ and ‘kindest’ as best as they can. These people in their worst moments welcomed their families and friends, with a bright smile and most were damaged and held those feelings inside. Unfortunately, with the stigma attached to mental illness, people who are struggling feel they are such a burden.


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