No need for advice

Fun Psychology facts here!:


4 thoughts on “No need for advice

    • cherished79 says:

      Hi missed you. I was always going to ask, could I publish a few of your poems on my niume blogging platform which has the capability of linking to Flipboard? I find great exposure on niume, but especially on!!! My niume site!/posts will allow me to link to your site. I’m back to posting on this blog; I’ve missed it.
      Flipboard account @livinginstigma

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        • cherished79 says:

          I’m ok. It’s -16C today – friggin cold. I’m living with hellish migraines as per usual, but writing keeps my mind off the pain until I can’t stand the throbbing anymore. Was writing children’s books, but slowed down and wrote many posts on my board. I miss my Living in Stigma blog, so I returned. How are you? I’ve neglected to keep up with your beautiful poetry, must take some time and read the breathtaking words. Hugs, Deb BTW, niume pays for your writings, not a whole lot though.


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