“Lucy Shares Some Secrets” (children’s book)

lucy shares

Childhood Emotional Neglect and Narcissism

I’ve always been curious about writing children’s books and this is my first attempt.  My goal here was to create a book, that would have allowed me at age 8 to realize that my mother’s anger was there and how sad and lonely I felt.  The way she treated me was unfair, and I craved to tell someone who would believe me and validate my feelings.

However, I grew up in the 60’s and back then we didn’t have access to teachers, school guidance counsellors, neighbours or a therapist available for our chances to trust and come forward with sad or scared feelings.

Perhaps a young child now may read this and choose to trust a teacher, or friend or someone whom they can share what emotions they are holding inside.

Lucy is beginning to observe how terribly her mom has been treating her lately. She’s puzzled, she can’t understand why her mom continues to name her stupid and clumsy when she struggles so hard to please her mom. She just feels she’s never good enough.  She holds her emotions inside, never telling anyone how she is feeling.

Read this Free book ” Lucy Shares Some Secrets

I was able to use the tools and platform from StoryJumper.com.

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