3 Proven Tips and Advice to Protect Women Travelling Alone

I took away some invaluable tips and advice from this article written in The Huffington Post. Women or anyone would find these useful.

Imagine this: window-shopping in Paris or people-watching in Rome — without having to stress over your restless companion. It’s not just a fantasy: a 2014 survey from Booking.com reports that

Here, our guide to venturing out on your town.

How To Protect Yourself On The Road

1. “Print directions ahead of time. It sounds simple, but we’re so used to cell phones that it’s easy to forget we might not have Internet access abroad. I also love Pacsafe’s small, portable safe. If you’re in a hostel or a B&B, you need a secure place to lock up your passport and cash.” —Alexandra Baackes, blogger, AlexInWanderland.com.

2. “I carry extra cash in my shoe or a hidden pocket, enough to take a cab or get to a safe place if I find myself in trouble. And if I need assistance, I approach women and families, who I’ve found are more likely to help.” — Marybeth Bond, National Geographic author and founder of GutsyTraveler.com.

3. “I don’t drink too much. If I’m somewhere unfamiliar, I want to be sharp and aware. But of course, in Italy, I’m having wine with my pasta.” — Cat Clifford, a writer who spent her last five birthdays in a different country — alone!

What’s the Plan?

Resources for booking, scheduling and meeting other explorers

Routehappy: A booking site that filters flight options by your “happiness factors,” like nicer planes, roomier seats, Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment.

Wandermates: Want a rock-climbing companion or a sightseeing sidekick? Search this mobile-friendly site by gender and interest to connect with nearby travelers.

Hostelworld: Budget-friendly room rentals (often with shared bathrooms and common areas) in 180 countries, with prices starting under $5 per night. (Budapest, here we come!)

Geosure: An app that provides up-to-date crime statistics, from theft to women’s safety for the area you’re visiting.

Eat. Pray. Move: A roundup of relaxing retreats around the world — from Dubrovnik, Croatia, to Goa, India — many of which donate 10 percent of their profits to charity.

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4 thoughts on “3 Proven Tips and Advice to Protect Women Travelling Alone

    • cherished79 says:

      I’ve never thought of travelling alone, however, if you are aching to go somewhere and no one else does – why wait. It would take some big planning though and I would probably choose to go in a group tour instead.

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