A ‘NERVOUS BREAKDOWN’? what exactly is that?


When I was first diagnosed with depression my mother-in-law termed my illness as a “bad case of the nerves”.  I always shook my head at that one, and questioned, what does depression have to do with bad nerves; an incredibly old belief or judgment perhaps?

The term “nervous breakdown” is used by the public to characterize a wide range of mental illnesses. Nervous breakdown is not a medical term and doesn’t indicate a specific mental illness. Generally, the term describes a person who is severely and persistently emotionally distraught and unable to function at his or her normal level.

Often, when people refer to having a nervous breakdown, they’re describing severe depression.

Signs and symptoms of severe depression include:
~~  Agitation or restlessness
~~  Difficulty or inability to stop crying
~~  Sleeping difficulties
~~  Dramatic appetite changes
~~  Indecision

The causes of mental illness usually aren’t clear. But these factors may play a role:
~~  Stress
~~  Drug and alcohol use
~~  Coexisting medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders and certain vitamin deficiencies
~~  Genetics

SOURCE:  MayoClinic.com



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