25 Reasons Not To Trust Your Therapist

I had to read this list twice, it sure hit home for me. I was thinking to add: she might want to run over to comfort me when things get so painful (even with boundaries). Excellent post.

  1. She gets paid to be your therapist, so she can’t REALLY care.
  2. Probably she’s heard it all before, so you are just boring her.
  3. Probably she has never heard a case like yours before, and she is appalled and disgusted at what you are telling her (even though she will try to hide it).
  4. She probably thinks you are just dealing with your issues too superficially and are not willing to go deeply into hard things.
  5. She probably thinks you are just making a mountain out of a molehill and should just get better now, for heaven’s sake.
  6. She probably thinks you deal with your issues for too long and dwell on them and when the hell are you going to make some progress?
  7. She probably thinks your problems are insurmountable but feels bad to tell you this, so she’ll pretend you can get better when you know it’s hopeless.

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