Opening Yourself up Within Therapy – Dealing with the Intensity of Reliving

A well-written article on CPTSD, the impact of trauma, and explanation of ‘recovery’.

I related so well when you spoke about “Nevertheless my intentions are to stay in this mind until my husband dies ( which will hopefully be both of us in old age) as the thought of being without him is even more devastating than anything I have ever thought possible.” I have had this fear for so many years, the feeling of abandonment, as my hubby been my rock and the only one who has shown the kind of love, empathy and reassurance that should have been showered upon me as a child.

Charlotte Farhan Art - Creating Change

Art By Charlotte Farhan Art By Charlotte Farhan

Waking up from the intensity of nightmares and night-terrors, feels a though you have been battered black and blue emotionally and physically. The hell of thinking within your unconscious dream state that you are trapped in this dystopian creation of your own afflicted mind, causes you to wake screaming, as if you were grappling through time and space to re enter this realm of existence.

Then you wake; the truth hits you like a tyrannical fist, you try to unpick the mess of your insensible and sensible self which is tangled like forgotten jewelry left in a drawer. You lay there trying to regain some control over your faculties, you are still and lifeless – almost catatonic. The world as we know it has not been brought into focus yet, it is still a distant memory.

Hours go by and you’re still unable to move, your mind is…

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