Compartmentalising abuse

Confessions of a Heyoka

To compartmentalise is to repress painful emotional and psychological memories or experiences. Traumas from violent incidences are stored away in the sub conscious mind, in the hope that nobody will see them and remind them of the pain and hurt associated with that memory. Those traumas, for some small children, are deeply repressed. Repression becomes a compartment, safely tucked away in the sub conscious mind. As time evolves, the child becomes an adult, those experiences and memories that are repressed from childhood, shape the way you manage emotional and physical stress. During times of high conflict, such as physical and emotional abuse, Compartments help us to cope and manage with the carnage that is left from the chaos. Denial and minimisation are employed, to protect the wounded child from further shame as the experience is stored away, in the box labelled – Denial of shame.

Imagine your whole life experiences…

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