Are you a Narcissist?

I came across this article “How to tell if social media has turned you into a diagnosable narcissist” on

Are you a narcissist?  A quote from the article had me smile:

True narcissists do not spend a lot of time wondering whether they are narcissists.”

See full article @



2 thoughts on “Are you a Narcissist?

  1. gentlekindness says:

    They might wonder but they do not “worry” that they are a narcissist.
    Some of my clients from abusive backgrounds worry that they might have picked up narcissism from being around it.
    It does not work that way. And if you care about your effect on other people enough to “worry” you might have turned into a narcissist…then you are not a narcissist .
    Annie-gentlekindness coaching


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