January was an Award Winning Month!

January, I struck gold in the Blogging Award department!

Wow, this has been a sweet month for me, a special month of bloggers presenting me with various awards. I am flattered and honored to receive these awards, but I haven’t been accepting them, as time is one issue, and I’m leery of impeding on other blogger’s “Award Free Blogs”.  I chose to accept these awards as my last.

Today’s award called “Champions Award” was from Living a Beautiful Life.
I’d like to thank Danica for an award I’m unfamiliar with, however, it is described as to why I was nominated.

“What is the Champions Award Health & Wellness Edition? My nominees blog is about diverse health and wellness topics and corresponding solutions. They seek to not only survive but thrive. They also share their knowledge and experiences in order to assist and encourage others”.

Yesterday, I received “The Blogger Recognition Award” from Tempest at Brain Different. Earlier in January, I was also presented with this award from hubby1974 at Dialogue from the Depths. Wow, thanks to both of you, being recognized twice in one month, I feel awesome and bliss.

And last, two “Sunshine Bloggers Awards” from Lucky Otters Haven and Kelly Bistrow. A Sunshine Award, I feel special and flattered. Thanks so much to both of you.

Now for the nominations, this is the simple part.  All my nominees qualify for every award above, so if you haven’t been nominated for any of those,  select one, and forward it on to your exceptional bloggers (let them know) explaining the rules.  You don’t have to nominate as many as I have listed, the choice is yours.  You do, however, have to answer “5 things about you that others don’t know” to accept your award(s).

5 things you don’t know about me:

  • Went white water rafting in British Columbia
  • Petrified of fire, you won’t find a candle in my house!
  • Didn’t attend college or university
  • Always wanted to try stand-up comedy
  • Met my husband (of 37 yrs ) through a dating service






10 thoughts on “January was an Award Winning Month!

  1. Pieces of Bipolar says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination! And you’ve renewed (partially) my faith in dating. 37 years, I think you need another award just for that. Congrats, its wonderful seeing people able to work through life together ❤


    • cherished79 says:

      Back then dates were matched by hand (my father owned the dating service BTW), so really it was done on a much more personal level, and sucessful. Today, it’s matched by computer which I think is crappy, how can you be matched when you tick off boxes and the computer doesn’t ‘see’ your pic? Loved that job! My father warned me not to date any clients, thank gawd I didn’t listen. Deb

      Liked by 1 person

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