Are you faking PTSD for attention? Is this just a scam?

I have PTSD, and just hearing the word “fake & “scam” was an actual trigger to my past.

Yesterday, while sitting in a coffee shop sipping tea and reading a book, two women around 30 – 40 years of age sitting behind me, actually had this conversation. True story. I’ll call them A & B.

A –Do you believe in all of this PTSD shit?

B –I don’t know what to think sometimes.  I do know a co-worker who’s sister is going to therapy for it, I don’t know what exactly for, but she just said something that happened to her when she was young and has PTSD now.

A –Do you think it’s for real, or she looking for attention?  How old is her sister?

B –I think she’s in her 30’s, not sure. It’s something about molestation or something, I didn’t want to ask and be nosey.

A –Yeah right, like she can remember things that happened when she was a kid!

B –Well it’s her business

A –I’m just asking because I saw a show last night showing how some men in the military and some police are actually faking having this PTSD, just to collect disability.  Some of them have collected $100,000.00, what a shame when people that have an actual disability need it.

And, the discussion continued……..

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, rape, or other violent personal assault. PTSD is a real illness that causes real suffering.  (source:

Wow, is this the way scores of people perceive people with PTSD?  I hope the fakers out there get their day in court because that would be fraudulent and a scam, but for all of us who have struggled with flashbacks, horrible memories and sought therapy as the only way to recover, it’s heart-breaking.

People who have not suffered or struggled with PTSD can’t even begin to experience the hellish life; where an adult still sleeps with the bedroom light on, is triggered by any sound or smell that reminds them of the trauma, or has never had a relationship due to trust issues.

Abuses and trauma damages lives, sometimes leading to a life of depression, guilt and despair; destroying relationships, with others spiralling into a life of substance abuse or alcohol.  We are not fakers or scammers.


Continuation of description of PTSD, symptoms etc.

An article on “faking” PTSD



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