Never criticize a narc..

my child within

When reading about narcissists, we learn that behind the mask they portray to the world, there is a very fragile self. These individuals want to always be in control and pretend to themselves and the world that they are strong, powerful, successful, caring, generous & selfless.


In reality, these people are weak, lack empathy and are incapable of deep emotions, especially intimacy and self-awareness. They really don’t like criticism and the more someone criticises them, the more they will fight back, manipulate, confuse and throw a tantrum. They don’t want anybody ruining the image they have so desperately fought all their lives to sustain. If you do not do as they say and continue to tell them that they are sick, crazy, abusive, neglectful etc they will get even angrier or emotional and will try to hurt you even more, to the point of ‘discarding you’ as if you were a piece of…

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