Migraine Relief? ‘Daith piercing’ is becoming popular for migraine and headache relief.

I’ve included two articles on the subject of ‘Daith Piercing’, a positive and negative. Personally, I have never heard of this procedure before now, however, upon reading these articles, I’ve decided this wouldn’t be for me.

fourstateshomepage – by Kheslleen Dimanche ~ According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are an extraordinarily common disease that affects 38 million people in the United States. After several people posted their social media accounts that daith piercing has brought them relief, others are jumping for the fix.

“I’ve had a constant migraine for two and half to three years, and I heard it helps,” said Jenny Wagner, received daith piercing.

Wagner says since struggling with migraines, she and her mother felt piercing the daith was worth a try.

“Spending over a thousand dollars a month on doctors and then spending $40 on a piercing is way better,” said Wagner. She says prior to getting the piercing, she tried almost everything to get relief and nothing seemed to work.

“Some medication didn’t do anything, some made me like end up in the ER,” Wagner explained.

Although, the piercing has not been scientifically proven to treat migraines by professionals, Body Accents lead piercer says it’s in high demand.

“I went from doing 10 piercing in about seven years to about over a hundred in three months,” said Jade Evans, Body Accents.

Evans says she tells her customers there are no guarantees

“I tell them go ahead and get it, that it could replace medication, and if it does not, at least they have a cute piercing,” said Evans.

This link also show a video on daith piercing


Article #2
Trendy ‘migraine cure’ almost costs mum her ear after infection rots flesh

A mum told last night how she almost died after a trendy jab to cure her migraines rotted her ear.

Jess Conway-Williams paid £25 for the “daith piercing” at a tattoo studio.

It involved penetrating the inner cartilage of her right ear after she read on Facebook it would end her headaches. But infection quickly set in and the ear began to disintegrate.

Jess, 29, claimed toxins began ravaging her whole body and it took eight days of hospital treatment to save her life.

The barmaid, from Ormskirk, Lancs, said: “I’ve had splitting migraines for five years and decided to try daith piercing.


Note: I am aware that the second article is not related to migraine relief, I simply wanted to point out the dangers of ‘daith piercing’.


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