“Learn To Forgive, Learn to Let Go” – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself (Jess Glynne)

The Bipolar Compass

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a human being capable of making mistakes. We all make mistakes. Learn from them and grow. Shame is different than guilt. When we are ashamed of ourselves, we impede psychological growth. The damage is pervasive to the core of our being and prevents feelings of genuine concern and growth from arising. Guilt is the acknowledgement of responsibility for our actions. While guilt and shame go hand in hand, guilt allows us to empathize with the other person’s pain and feel remorse. When that happens, we can use that empathy as a tool to learn how to prevent instilling that kind of pain upon the other person again.

Learn to forgive. Learn to let go. (Shame vs. Guilt)
Clarity and focus doesn’t always come from God or inspirational quotes. Usually, it takes your mother to slap the reality back into you. (1)

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