5 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You

The therapist-client relationship is unique. Therapists are prohibited from sharing their personal information with clients due to a strict code of ethics. But as a therapist, I can’t help but share some secrets with you. (This was written by  from PsychCentral.com)

  1. What is in our hearts is more important than what is in our brains.
    The theories we specialize in are all wonderful, but research has proven time and time again that what influences how much you benefit from therapy is the quality of the relationship with your therapist. If you don’t feel understood and heard by your therapist, if you don’t think they are being honest enough with you and pushing you hard, if you don’t feel like you have an amazing connection with them, find a new therapist. The latest clinical techniques and tips that we have mastered are secondary to the bond and trust that we can help create with you in the therapy session.
  2. Getting a master’s degree doesn’t prepare us very well.
    In grad school, we study research explaining human behavior and the treatment of mental illness, dive into case studies, and learn the theoretical basis of different styles and methodologies. Most programs let us do an internship to practice our skills during our last year of school. At least for me, it is the act of practicing therapy with real clients that helps me understand the theories, not the theories that help me understand how to work with clients.  Most therapists learn about your condition from you, and learn what to do to help you from the experts. Especially in our first 10 years as therapists, we will probably consult the literature or a trusted consultant to look for guidance on how to treat you.

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**I disagree with some of the comments posted for this article on the psychcentral.com site.  Just my opinion.


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