Could PTSD + Anger perhaps = Migraines?

I have said this many times!:

I’ve been scarce these last few months, coping with horrible migraines and wishing for any kind of treatment aside from popping pain meds.

I investigated and discovered that childhood trauma (PTSD) + anxiety or anger may perhaps kick off a trigger for migraines.  Although I’ve been dealing with PTSD associated with Childhood Sexual Abuse, I never really considered the emotional abuse and hatred I had for my Narcissistic mother.  The lack of empathy, validation and endless criticism was so destructive.

I’m discovering in therapy that living with a narcissistic mother harmed me in more ways than I ever believed, understanding now that my anger, struggle with depression and lack of self-confidence could be associated.  I’ve only attended a few therapy sessions so far on this narc mother subject, and it’s relieving some of the feelings of rage already.  Just hopeful it will benefit my migraines.

So happy to be back to blogging/writing.  “Living in Stigma” is important to me, especially advocating for mental illness stigma, PTSD and so many other topics.

Thanking everyone who consistently followed this blog, new followers and the numbers showed I was visited every day in great numbers despite no up-to-date postings.  You guys rock!

So I’m back in business, posting my best ‘stuff’, but maybe a bit slow at first.




9 thoughts on “Could PTSD + Anger perhaps = Migraines?

  1. lynettedavis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog. Every time I read one of your posts, I learn something new about myself. I too suffered from migraines for years but I I’ve always attributed it to wearing glasses.


  2. Screaming Jean says:

    Wow that’s really interesting. I am also a huge migraine sufferer, getting one at least weekly. I get visual blurring and what I call ‘a black patch’ over one eye. I also have PTSD and an uncontrollable rage, I never really thought about there being a link before but it definitely would add up.


      • Screaming Jean says:

        Right! I sure do know that feeling! I can go to bed migraine free and have one of those awful nightmares and wake up with one hell of a migraine, makes you wonder. Thank you!


        • cherished79 says:

          Yes, it makes me wonder for all of my 40 years with migraines. Is this a hereditary illness or is my mother mostly the cause. Double whammy, migraines and lack of an empathic mother, at times I don’t even believe she thought I had headaches or they were as severe.

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  3. weareonebyruth says:

    Took me a long time talking to my counselor about the impact of a narcissistic mother. It was worth the conversation. I also learned a lot about what I call the mind body connection. Illness can affect your emotions and your emotions can affect your body. Tension can cause head aches and head aches increase tension. I found by teaming with my doctor and counselor I approached my health problems from different ways that improved my health.


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