PTSD ~ Sexual Abuse: When parents fail to believe

I read this captivating book: The Loveless Family by Jon P. Bloch, which described me and my own family to a T.  This paragraph in the book really touched on a nerve, acknowledging how much harm my parents did, not believing me about the sexual abuse.  The wounds haven’t entirely healed and dancing lessons, upscale clothing and oodles of Xmas gifts never swayed my painful memories.

From the book:

“Between children and adults, there may be lifelong disappointment over a child’s failure to meet the parents’ expectations.  The child, in turn, may spend a lifetime fluctuating between guilt for having failed and having resentment for being expected to succeed in the first place.  When parents failed to help when they could and should have – if the child was being sexually abused, for example, and the parents chose not to believe it – the wound may never heal, despite superficial niceties.  Sometimes, too, parents resent never having had their own chance at success.”

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4 thoughts on “PTSD ~ Sexual Abuse: When parents fail to believe

  1. I believe there’s a wicked Ernie in every family. Most never do anything about it because of embarrassment and shame. Mean while the kid gets violated again and grows up thinking that’s it’s a right of passion and the violations go on, until one goes outside the family to the authorities. PTSD isn’t only the sign on the road. There’s gaggle of numbers that will follow. A friend of mine tried suicide several times before finally going to a therapist.. Castration comes to mind for the offenders. Plus the regular population in the jail sent to.


    1. I agree with what you say and can’t argue, my childhood past riddled with horrid memories and flawed parents, paved the way for my bumpy future.
      Castration is the perfect solution, with me there to view (maybe not watch, but know that it’s taking place ~ a little squweemish).


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