Yes, shopping at the mall is way more important to me, so what if my kid dies in the car….

Shopping and work means more than anything else in the world to you doesn’t it?

Who leaves their child in a car on a scorching hot day?  Who leaves their dog in a car on a scorching hot day?  Do you think that keeping the window open a crack to let some air in the car in 100 degree heat is going to save your child or dog, Really? Would it help you if you were sitting in the car?

There is no excuse for this.  Too many idiots choose shopping at a store or mall much more important, and for unforgiving reasons leave children or dogs in cars.  Don’t you ever give it one iota of a thought what could happen?  No, you want those clothes, shoes or groceries badly, oh I see.

Why do we have to remind them every year, do they think their children are plastic dolls that they don’t matter?  It only takes tortuous minutes to die.

I bawled when I read this, and couldn’t finish the entire article:


6 thoughts on “Yes, shopping at the mall is way more important to me, so what if my kid dies in the car….

    • cherished79 says:

      My thoughts exactly, but we will hear this year after year after year. What is the purpose of bringing your dog in the car to run errands? Wouldn’t Rover be cooler at home, guess morons have no brains.


  1. Leslie says:

    I applauded the woman who broke the window here in the US and rescued the child in the car. Every year, the news explains patiently to us that we can’t leave children in the car in the summer. Now, my question is…who the f*&^ leaves their small child unattended in a locked car EVER??? How many times do we hear stories about people’s cars being stolen with children strapped into their car seats in the back? Way to often, that’s for sure. Every year someone comes up with new strategies to remember your kid in the back seat. I just don’t understand how you forget your kid.

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    • cherished79 says:

      Me neither, and I was so angry when I read about that story about both the child and the dog who was left while the people shopped in Ikea. Wierd though, I received an e-mail this morning saying the title of my post was very “crass”. Maybe it’s from someone who left their child in a car? I just hear this every year, and why bring your kids shopping in the first place? Are you too lazy of a person to bring them in the store “for only 5 min”.? Geez, what an inconvenience, and so much bother. Why bring the dog, he’s happier at home where it’s cooler. So sad, and all they sometimes receive is a fine.
      Glad someone else feels like I do, thanks for commenting. 🙂


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