My ‘anti-victim blaming/shaming’ & ‘anti-mental illness shaming/stigma’ messages… are getting out there.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I know my life, my capacity to think deeply, my deep awareness of what feels wrong…. enables me to sense and consider matters to a deeper level than many. Deeper than even within the mental health industry/advocacy field. As had been shown over the last few weeks within interactions.

I realise it is only through my own suffering, my own severe trauma history that I have this capacity. I am never going to say abuse is a gift – it isn’t – as abuse is something no-one should ever endure and is never deserved/needed.

But, I see deeper life experiences can sometimes create a deeper sense of life wisdom and thought process. A deeper sense of empathy and authenticity to the realities of life. And to use that to help others, is my passion.

Complex trauma survivors, who despite all the abuse are good people and don’t hurt others, have…

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2 thoughts on “My ‘anti-victim blaming/shaming’ & ‘anti-mental illness shaming/stigma’ messages… are getting out there.

    • cherished79 says:

      This post was written by a special fellow blogger Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD. Both of our blogs intend to a message and make people aware.

      As for my blog, I call it pay-it-forward, and by that I mean via therapy, knowledge and support from other bloggers living with the same traumas and tragedies of PTSD caused by sexual abuse, I was able to shed the guilt, shame and secrets that I had been keeping for years. Answers I sought from people that I don’t know personally empathized and showed love and care, sharing their stories also. Looking back, in 1994 when I began therapy, blogging was unheard of and the internet wasn’t there for information or sharing, therefore I didn’t have the luxury. I could only rely on medical jargon and heresay. We all have to stick together and pay it forward.


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