JOB BURNOUT: I’m frazzled and stressed!

Are you at risk of burnout?  Discover what you can do when your job begins to affect your health and happiness.

It’s time to head back to work after your brief vacation. You have a demanding job and carry a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. Even though your time off was relaxing, you dread going back to work. A trusted friend thinks you have job burnout.

Maybe you’ve started to wonder whether you have burnout yourself. Or maybe — like many people — you’ve tried to avoid the question all together. A closer look at burnout and why you may have it can help you to face the problem and take action before it affects your health.

What is Burnout and Who’s at Risk?

Demanding work situations causes burnout, as it causes physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.  You may be prone:

  • Do you lack reasonable balance between work and your personal life?
  • Try to please everyone?
  • Your job is monotonous?
  • Do you work in a helping profession, such as health care, counselling, teaching or law enforcement just to name a few?

What are the Signs of Burnout?

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Finding yourself being more cynical, critical and sarcastic at work
  • Experiencing no joy or momentum
  • Drag yourself in, and have trouble getting started once you arrive
  • More irritable, less patient with co-workers, customers, clients or even superiors
  • Face insurmountable barriers
  • Lack the energy to be productive
  • No longer feel satisfaction from your achievements
  • Tired of your co-workers, boss asking if you’re OK
  • Disillusioned about your job
  • Self-medicating — using food, drugs or alcohol
  • Sleep habits/appetite changed
  • Headaches, neck pain/lower back pain

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be suffering burnout. You may also be depressed.

Identifying the causes and taking action can make recovery possible, but it takes time and don’t expect a quick fix.  Keep an open mind and consider all your options. Don’t let a demanding job affect your health.

Source online:   is an excellent source for medical related issues

My 2 Cents:  I’ve been through this job burnout.  I had to finally leave my job and go on disability due to depression hitting me in the face, as getting up in the morning became unbearable and lasting the day was exhausting.  I just couldn’t do it anymore, job stress coupled with depression is a killer.  Having to perform like nothing is happening in your personal or at-home life becomes impossible, especially if you have to keep it a top-secret.  Kudo’s to all of those workers out there who are tuffing it out.  Don’t ignore it too long.


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