Living with Chronic Pain a Struggle

New research discovers that individuals who live with daily chronic pain often face a struggle with their sense of self and find it difficult to prove the legitimacy of their condition.

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4 thoughts on “Living with Chronic Pain a Struggle

  1. anxietybug88 says:

    I don’t have chronic pain every day, but I can identify with the struggle of legitimacy of my condition. I had a horrible boss when I worked at Payless Shoesource, and she treated my sickness (which turned out to be a bacterial stomach infection!) like I was an inconvenience. She didn’t believe I was really sick. Stress can have many adverse effects on the body, and the bacterial stomach infection just so happened to be one of them.


    • cherished79 says:

      Yes, the employers. They attempt to be empathetic, but I’ve heard in retail that managers have to produce “numbers, stats, and more numbers” and that’s all they really care about. That’s why I wouldn’t like to be a manager of anything! She probably did care about you personally, but her job seemed important to her.

      It’s difficult for people to understand “chronic”. Wow, that was quite the illness you went through, takes a toll, and no one knows how it feels unless they experience it themselves. Did you recover ok? 🙂


      • anxietybug88 says:

        Well, I had a brief bout with antibiotics that it turns out I was allergic to, but I took them long enough that it got rid of the infection. Since I’ve left that job, I’ve gained 8 lbs (I was down to 83) and I’m a lot healthier. Still dealing with a lot, but the load has certainly decreased. 🙂


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