PTSD: The Secrets We Keep

We all kept “The Secret”, promised not to tell, or did tell and no one believed us, but we still held that secret inside of us for years, then it activated and we started to ‘peel back the onion’.

How faithful we were to those people who wounded us.  We were the children who were sexually abused, for we held tightly onto ‘the secret’.  The secret would cause us misery, resentment and shaped the way we entered our teen and adult years.  Due to our loyalty, our abusers slept peacefully at night, leaving us to endure nightmares and everything else that a child shouldn’t have to deal with.

“The Secret’, the family’s secret of the abuse that occurred, where someone knew, considered the child dishonest or deceitful and the abuser blameless.  Later, some of our lives would adjust through support, while others went in other hellish directions, (depression, eating disorders, broken relationships, suicide etc,) caused by childhood haunts.

For my recovery, and in order to reveal secrets, I went through many therapists before I found one I could trust and was experienced in trauma. She helped me “peel back the onion”,  showing empathy, allowing me to vent and believed what I was telling her. This has aided now relieving triggers, nightmares, fears and disgust of myself.  The secret is out, as it should have been years ago.


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