Eating Disorders: Would you restrict food for this meal, just to be a model?

THIS POST WAS NOT INTENDED AS A JOKE.  My purpose was to show what lengths women will go, starving themselves, just to be a model.  Eating disorders such as anorexia are a slow way to death.


10 thoughts on “Eating Disorders: Would you restrict food for this meal, just to be a model?

  1. The Sound of Ed's Voice says:

    To be a model? No. To fit in with societal standards of beauty in Northern California? Already there. Men here think they are entitled to fake blonde, skinny, fake tanned women with Asian figures. Barbie is a huge success here! It made the dating scene extremely difficult. Shit it made the job market hard, too. Future employers are obese and yet they want Asian figures that are skinny. Being anorexic, even that one pea at the right time was overwhelming. It’s cray!!


    • cherished79 says:

      Excellent comment. While I prefer not to compare situations to TV shows, I suffered through an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker”. The show has a ‘millionaire’ looking for a date and all of these women show up and chosen. It’s the way they are chosen which is sad, almost like throwaways; “oh yes you’ll be good, no not tall enough, wrong hair color, too tall, doesn’t look like she has a sense of humor, no, he’s looking for someone who’s really slim and works out, etc….” This show is based in California. I know people aren’t stupid enough to believe just because you live in CA life is like this, however it happens all over the world. Too many skinny people, with plastic surgeons who are rich.

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      • The Sound of Ed's Voice says:

        Omg that show made me angry for that exact reason!!! It’s all a mold of physical looks!! It has nothing to do with who they are. Let me tell you the men in Northern California have adopted that thought process too. It’s horrid. Yet they see what they get, ask me out [i hide nothing], then become pompous. Whatever happened to real people connections?!

        Have you heard about France and their big ban on models and promotion of too thin advertisements? That has been and interesting thing to follow!


        • cherished79 says:

          We just have to keep getting the word out how wrong it is, but it’s difficult to change people, especially if they’ve been raised by their parents that way. Sad, just compared to the stigma of mental illness. I learned so much going through my eating disorder, how I wanted to please everyone, how important it was to be thin, but then went I went in that direction, I was the most miserable I had ever been. I was obsessed every waking hour and that is not the way to live your life. I’m still in recovery, people just think it’s easy to blurt out “just eat more”. Hummmm, you know what I mean.

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