In Dreams of Another

The Vision of Poets

In Dreams

The following poem was chosen as a finalist in the
United Poets Laureate International (UPLI) Global Poetry Contest
“The Natica Angilly Award” for Dancing Poetry
I am very honored by their recognition…

In Dreams of Another
I’ve wandered in your lucid dreams
Of forest mist and silent streams
Monastic robes in hues of gold
Where secrets never stay untold
You’ve walked with me on foreign shores
Exposed my fate behind closed doors
We spoke with faces on the wall
Reciting rhymes in whispered drawls
You’ve wandered in my lucid dreams
Of vagabonds and sparrows wings
The dawn absorbed in Persian hues
Where artists find their lucent muse
I’ve flown with you above the brume
Shared passions thirst where laurel bloom
We penned the writing on the wall
And changed the fate of raven’s call
We are but one in lucid dreams
Our merging souls like…

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