My struggle to forgive and forget.


There is a ticker tape in my head that has been continually streaming the words Forgive and Forget.  I just can not seem to get these words out of my brain.  Yes! It has been awhile since I have blogged and I seriously think it is because I knew this was the topic in my brain that would not hush. This is not a subject I would choose to blog.  I do not want to write about forgiveness because I have some idealistic notion that I am supposed to write something profound, that I am Yoda.  How I have overcome my pain and moved on, fully embracing the deep beautiful Christian person that I have become after facing my struggles. Wow!! I even like writing that!!

Nope!!  Sorry!!! Nada!! Not happening!!  I can not let the past go.

I have read countless articles recently about how I need to forgive…

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