I Cry….Alot

Labeled Disabled

I cry for the Earth
and for mankind
I cry becuase
I am human.
I cry if someone hurts me,
I stop crying.
Big girls don’t cry
my daddy told me.
He couldn’t have known
how many tears I
would have to hold,
to be strong&bold.
I cry at movies
and surfaced memories.
The past makes me cry,
so does the future.
I cry because I can.
I cry in pain
and with joy.
Music, Art and Love
make me cry.
Grief makes me cry
the most.
I cry for road kill
and oil spills.
I cry for a cruel world
and for it’s kindness.
Acceptance speeches
at Award shows
make me cry.
I cry in beauty
and in mystery.
I cry for Jesus
and with the devil.
There is a well
in the pit of
my stomach,
that holds all the
tears never wept.
I wear waterproof mascara

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