Once a Victim ~ Now a Survivor Award

We all kept “The Secret”, promised not to tell, or did tell and no one believed us, but we still held that secret inside of us for years, then it activated and we started to ‘peel back the onion’.

How faithful we were to those people who wounded us.  We were the children who were sexually abused, for we held tightly onto ‘the secret’.  The secret would cause us misery, resentment and shaped the way we entered our teen and adult years.  Due to our loyalty, our abusers slept peacefully at night, leaving us to endure nightmares and everything else that a child shouldn’t have to deal with.

“The Secret’, the family’s secret of the abuse that occurred, where someone knew, considered the child dishonest or deceitful and the abuser blameless.  Later, some of our lives would adjust through support, while others went in other hellish directions, (depression, eating disorders, broken relationships, suicide etc,) caused by childhood haunts.

I created this “Once a Victim, Now a Survivor” award, as I wanted it to represent and award those who have struggled with mental illness, and especially everyone who is living with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).   PTSD includes those dealing with trauma, abuse and for many childhood sexual abuse.  We were victims once, but now we are Survivors

So pay it forward; it’s a way to recognize some of the bloggers you’ve discovered and would love to nominate for this award.  They’ve shared part of their lives with you and others, and it would be special if they were to be recognized and let other people know they are out there and they are able to pay it forward also.

(If you would like your blog to be nominated, please send your blog link address to me @ https://cherished79.wordpress.com)

These are the “Once a Victim, Now a Survivor” Award rules in a nutshell:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you
  • Nominate 7 or more bloggers whom you feel deserve the award
  • Post 5 questions for your nominees to answer (you may use the same as these below)
  • Inform your nominees and post a comment in their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated

Many of the bloggers I have kept in touch with over the years, have really warmed my heart with their stories and struggles, and I want to nominate them.  I wish I could nominate everyone, but I chose these ten:

https://roots2blossom.wordpress.com/   Roots To Blossom

https://annarosemeeds.wordpress.com/      Rose with Thorns

https://primroseblossom.wordpress.com/    Primrose Blossom

https://livingintheblackstuff.wordpress.com/  Living With The Black Stuff

https://ambivalencegirl.wordpress.com/    Ambivalence Girl

https://fallingdowmtherabbithole.wordpress.com/   Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

https://wanderingthruthewilderness.wordpress.com/   Wandering Thru the Wilderness

https://mydepressionchronicles.wordpress.com/   My Depression Chronicles

https://dearestsomeone.wordpress.com/   Dearest Someone

https://scarredandscared.wordpress.com/  Scarred and Scared


When did you start your blog and what inspired you?

I started blogging in 2006, my first blog was called “In the Nuthouse”, really didn’t like the name and was using Blogger.com and was not happy with their concept.  So I exported everything over to WordPress.com and started a new blog with a new name “Living in Stigma” (to tackle anti-stigma)and have been here ever since.

I’ve been journaling for years, especially throughout my never-ending hospital stays for major depression.  I wanted to record my moods, surroundings, socializing with other patients, my doctor’s visits, and a way to vent my thoughts of helplessness, hopelessness, suicidal ideations and even attempts.  My passion has always been writing, and after recovering, I began to write articles based on journals and someone suggested starting a blog.

What types of blogs do you follow?

Mostly ones that touch my heart, those who are experiencing what I’m going through or a subject that I’m interested in and desire to research and share.  Also bloggers who write humor, poetry and fiction/non-fiction or interested in art/photography.

How many revisions does it take before you push the publish (s/b called panic) button?

Probably no less than 9 or 10, sometimes more.  (I think this post was 14!) It just ticks me off when I think everything is looking just right, and I hit the ‘publish’ button, look at my finished article and then…..oh crap!  Practically the same feeling when you press ‘send’ for an e-mail, but you don’t have that second chance.

 What’s the best thing about you and what have you learned from blogging?

My empathy. And, I’m not a bad writer for someone who didn’t attend college, and I appear to get my point across.

Do you have other blogs?

Yes, I have one other blog (for my humorous side of life), that I just started in Feb/2015 named “I’m a Writer, I Don’t Tell Jokes”.

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