Social Anxiety Disorder


This seems to cover a wide range of social situations and I question… so many people would be diagnosed with this disorder.   If you were traumatized or abused as a child, would a psychiatrist come to the conclusion that this is probably what you would have and perhaps not dig further, stamping Social Anxiety Disorder on your file?  I would hope not.   So many people are uncomfortable and fall into the “speaking in public” or “eating/drinking/writing/working in front of people” category.  …. Just my opinion.

I do agree with their treatments though, they would alleviate anxiety.



5 thoughts on “Social Anxiety Disorder

  1. tiffnvb says:

    This is something I struggle with & it is still taking me a lot of work to over come it. The big thing I tend to have problems with is a lot of attention on me, talking in front of people/coming up with convos & other ones that are not listed on here. Which the other ones do not apply to me. Usually tho this disorder runs into general anxiety as my girlfriend has both as well even tho u could never tell by how very outgoing she is. Thanks for posting this to get the word out & help others!!! =)


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