For this article, I am skipping the sombre side of being fat, and examine dieting…yes, dieting that forever kept me fatter.  Some diets melt the pounds off rapidly, so you begin to appear curvy, fitting into smaller sizes, receive compliments, then, boom.  Gradually your new clothes are beginning the feel snug, the compliments are drying up and so are the jaunts to the gym.  You’ve grown tired of chicken breast and salads every day, even your treadmill at home is now stockpiling clothes.

Struggling for the majority of my life, since the age of 12, I had grown accustomed to being overweight and adapted to living in a larger sized body.  Fortunately, absent are the primitive ways of clothes designing, and plus-size specialty stores have popped up with clothes that look reasonably fashionable.  Department stores now are in fact selling XL sizes, even XXL and XXXL, and placing them in their own little sections.  Typically these sections are called “Above Average”.  What exactly is average?

Clothes are contemporary, some designer labels, and designed for the well- endowed, puffy armed, and fitting around excessive abdomen figures.   I have a somewhat odd looking figure, sort of resembling a pole lamp (a Mr. Peanut shape).  Losing weight with this figure is very problematic.

An example of several diets I’ve attempted – each diet I’d lose weight, however, gaining back was too speedy and easy.  Better to not have attempted any at all.

  • My first diet was the grapefruit diet.  A miracle fruit, I was told, had such fat-burning properties and the pounds would be plummeting.  Hmmm….have you ever eaten 6-8 grapefruits in one day?  Back then they had these yucky aspartame packets you sprinkled on the fruit, but actually, they did help with the sour taste.  Cutting out any snack and most complex carbs, coupled by giant glasses of water, I lost pounds every day.  But, who can live on grapefruit alone – not I, and leaped back into the land of carbs, sweets and everything else.  I gained back the weight back in no time plus more.
  • The drink-only-juice-per-day diet.  This was actually a fruit juice buffet.  I consumed large quantities of orange, grape (my favorite), and the dreaded prune and apple juice   Promising 10 pounds in a 48-hour period, I did drop the pounds, in fact 12, but what can you expect with nothing but liquid and sprinting to the potty every 40 minutes.  Employed during this time, my co-workers must have suspected a urinary tract infection.  I lasted 4 days and gave up.  Of course, gained the whole lot back more rapidly than I lost.
  • The low-fat/high-fiber cabbage soup diet.  I call this the ‘fart’ diet.  Was to be “the miracle diet of the century”.  So shopping for an entire cart filled with cabbage and some fruit I began.  I lost a lot of weight on this diet, but I lived in the bathroom with diarrhea and farted my days away, so that ended this miracle diet.  Returning to the carbs again, which went hand-in-hand with the weight gain.
  • One week on the chicken soup diet, and I became so tired of chicken broth that to this day I get the heave-hoes.  Noodles were banned – a strange objection, so no wonder the pounds dropped off.  So much for that diet.
  • Drink unlimited glasses of water diet, with a few Melba toast thrown in.  Geez, thanks. Have you ever consumed Melba toast?  It isn’t bad with something on top of it, but by itself – yuck, it’s like eating nothing.  I lasted two days on this diet.
  • I almost got “roped” into one of those places advertising, “lose 50 pounds for $49.00”, went for the “interview”, weighed (shocked at the number of course), and a slender girl sporting a white doctor’s coat and stethoscope gave me her sales spiel.  The $49.00 was a ‘bait and switch’ and the cost was actually way over $1,000.00, due to purchasing their boxes and boxes of “special diet bars”, supplements, and bizarre pills.   I was too poor to sign up for this boloney anyhow.
  • Purchased countless ‘diet books’, tried their diets, some worked for a short time, yet returned to bad eating habits.  These books collected dust and were donated to charity.


A Fat Observation: Interestingly, they conducted a research study to observe how people react to thin people vs. fat people. On a busy sidewalk, a ‘thin’ well-dressed woman while walking dropped some papers on the ground. Straightaway, folk (mostly men) were almost trampling over one another to assist her. Now, in a different scenario, a ‘fat’ woman, also well dressed, repeated the same paper dropping. Not one person assisted, just walked on by taking a momentary glance. Surprised?


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